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Last Modified Date : 06/08/2018
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SYSVIEW ATIVITY DISPLAY IS ABENDING . The following 3 options have the same abend. IRX0251E User abend code 0457, reason code 00000000.
Option Description 1 Dashboards 2 System overview dashboard 3 System activity dashboard
TRX ISSUING USER ABEND 457 IRX0251E User abend code 0457, reason code 00000000.
IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT USER COMPLETION CODE=0457 TIME=15.33.33 SEQ=05285 CPU=0000 ASID=00EA PSW AT TIME OF ERROR 070C1000 0001F970 ILC 2 INTC 0D ACTIVE LOAD MODULE ADDRESS=000090B8 OFFSET=000168B8 NAME=TRX DATA AT PSW 0001F96A - 00181610 0A0D4112 0005BE13 AR/GR 0: 008FF6C8/80000000
1: 00000000/800001C9
2: 00000000/0000004F
3: 00000000/000BAED4
4: 00000000/00072F84
5: 00000000/00000000
6: 00000000/0001F790
7: 00000000/0006A918
8: 00000000/000B33C0
9: 00000000/0086C680
A: 00000000/07D6ED30
B: 00000000/0086C3FC
C: 00000000/0086C3B0
D: 00000000/0006A320
E: 00000000/60010F2E
F: 00000000/00000000
Command ====> Scroll *===> PAGE REXX009E DASHBORD failed, abend U0457-00 ---------------------- Lvl 4 Row 0-0/0 ****************************** No Data Available ******************************
in your session you have a STEPLIB DD with a HLQ of TRX. 

DDname DatasetName 

SYSVIEW DASHBOARDs have in the past experienced a problem playing nice with TRX and TRX support provided another customer with a fix for the problem . 

SYSVIEW has a Problem record which I will attach but basically it states: 

When SYSVIEW is installed on a system where OES Inc's product TRX is already installed, a S0C4 abend may occur when issuing the SYSVIEW DASHBOARD command. 
This is due to TRX padding SYSVIEW's compiled REXX module with spaces when loading it into memory. 

And the fix for it is: 

Apply TRX fix TRXV5650. Contact OES Inc directy to acquire this fix. 
Log on to your system with a logon procedure that does not utilize TRX.