ZFS out of space when unzipping TLMS 14.0

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Last Modified Date : 17/08/2018
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I ordered TLMS 14.0 and added to the download cart. Before checking out, I deleted all the unneeded other items in the cart such as Common Services. Only TLMS remained. alternate download site. That worked OK. However, the second step in my job failed due to out of space on the ZFS file used for download and unzip. Message from SYSLOG:
EDC5133I No space left on device.
IOEZ00312I Dynamic growth of aggregate OMVS1.CAESD in progress, (by user TSO).
IOEZ00329I Attempting to extend OMVS1.CAESD by a secondary extent.
IEC070I 203-203,ZFS,ZFS,SYS00004,113A,TST325,OMVS1.CAESD, 252
IOEZ00445E Error extending OMVS1.CAESD. DFSMS return code = 203, PDF code = 203.
IOEZ00308E Aggregate OMVS1.CAESD failed dynamic grow, (by user TSO).
IOEZ00551E Aggregate OMVS1.CAESD ran out of space.
$HASP395 FTPCA ENDED - RC=0012 The dataset OMVS1.CAESD is 2000 cylinders:
The TLMS install manual states under storage requirements: "If installing with Pax ESD, 10 cylinders for the downloaded files." How does expanding this not fit into a 2000 cylinder dataset? There was a small service order in the /cased file. I deleted that and rerun the unzip. There is nothing else in that directory.
1). Message DFSMS return code = 203, PDF code = 203.
This message is issued because the ESD file is full. You can reallocate the ESD with a larger allocate.
2). The download PAX file in question had 23 components within it. Ensure that you only have the TLMS FMID in the download cart.