zEDC Compression

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Last Modified Date : 31/07/2018
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What is zEDC Compression and how does it affect CA Disk, CA Allocate and CA Vantage ?
zEDC is a hardware compression so it is the z14/z13/EC12/BC12 architecture which performs
compression and decompression of data at a hardware level in a transparent way to the
tasks which are asking to access the data.
Regarding CA Vantage SRM r14.0:
 - Z14 Compatibility  with no other PTFs needed.
Regarding CA Disk r12.5:
  - zEDC compressed user data sets are a supported format for Backup/Archive/Restore, Move/Copy, etc.
  - zEDC compression is not supported as a compression technique. It is not a good fit due to the
    amount of data needed in a unit (4 KB) and some of our records are considerably smaller.
  - Allocating a data set as zEDC compression requires it to be a PSE which is not allowed for a CA Disk Archvol.
Regarding CA Allocate r12.5:
CA Allocate does not interfere with zEDC compression. zEDC compression is performed
by the operating system completely outside of CA Allocate processing.
The only limitation is that CA Allocate users will not have the ability to modify the
ZR and ZP SMS Dataclass Attributes via the ASR routines,
(the way they have the ability to modify other SMS attributes using the ASR routines).