XOG Instance access right with auto-numbering is not added

Document ID : KB000031066
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Instance access right is not added when creating an instance of an object with auto-numbering enable and auto-numbering set to false in the XOG file. Several scenarios were tested and the only one that does not work is if the override auto-numbering flag is set to false in the XML file and the instance does not exist so a new one is created. 



Set Auto-Number ?

Operation (new or update)




Not set in XOG file; create newYES
Not set in XOG file; update existingYES
Set to 'false'; update existingYES
Set to 'false'; create newNO

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login as an administrator user 
  2. Create a Custom object  
  3. Create an ID attribute that has auto-numbering configured and activated 
  4. Create a record instance for this object
  5. Add instance access rights for a user (User1) 
  6. XOG out (read) the custom object record instance
  7. Review and Modify the output XML file
    • Review and make a note that the admin user and the other user (User1) have access rights listed in the XML file  
    • Add <args name="overrideAutoNumbering" value="false"/>
    • Modify the instanceCode value and other ColumnValue information so that you are creating a NEW record instance
  8. Use the modified file as input to XOG in (write) a new custom object instance 
  9. Go to the application UI and open the new instance record
  10. Go to "Access to This Object", Resources  
    • The list only shows the 'admin' user has the object instance edit right. The other user (User1) is not listed with access to this instance even though they were included in the input xml   

Expected Result: Instance access right should be added if they are included in the input xml

Actual Result: Instance access right are not added even though they are included in the input xml 




Manually add the user to the object instance record through the application.   


Tested, verified and closed as 'cannot reproduce' in CA PPM 14.1