XOG in of a Timesheet using replace action deletes already existing TimeEntry notes on the open Timesheet

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We are missing Timesheet Notes on some timesheets.  We are using XOG to update some 'Open' Timesheets.  Could this be the cause of the issue?


Applies to all supported PAS environments for specified releases.


This is working as per design because action=replace is used to replace the 'Open' timesheet i.e. it replaces all the time entries, with values defined in the XOG write file, within that timesheet and if the input file does not contain notes it is not added in the replacement entry.

When XML Open Gateway (XOG) is used to update an 'Open' timesheet, the 'replace' action replaces the timesheet completely which deletes time-entry notes on the existing timesheet.  This occurs when the XOG input file does not have any 'notes' and the action='replace'.  As per current design, if you use XOG to read out the existing Timesheet that has 'notes' the XML that is created does not have the notes and thus causes the issue when you use XOG to write an update to the timesheet and the action='replace'.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Ensure there is an Open timesheet for a user with a time entry and a time entry note associated with it  
  2. XOG read this "OPEN" timesheet using the sample prj_timeperiods_read.xml file
  3. You will notice that the XOG output does not contain the time entry note  
  4. Now modify the existing output file to add in the timesheet tag at the end : action="replace" (please refer the attached image) and also some hours for the time entries  
  5. XOG this file back into the system without any <Notes>   
Once the XOG 'write' has been performed, it is noticed that along with the modification in the hours, the time entry notes are deleted.  


Be sure the input file has a <Notes> section.    


Additional Information:

The current XOG functionality does not provide a method to make Timesheet 'adjustments'.  The Timesheet XOG functionality only provides for creating or updating Timesheets with a status of 'Open'.  Reference and vote for the following idea on our communities:

Community Idea Posting: Create Timesheet Adjustments through XOG  

Reference TEC438698 : How do I import Timesheets through XOG without having to generate the Timesheet ID?