CA PPM: XOG in a BPM process and the Start Condition is missing even though the Start Condition is present in the XML

Document ID : KB000071374
Last Modified Date : 10/08/2018
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When you create a new process via XOG and he Start Condition is present in the XML, the new process is created fine, but the Start Condition on the Start Options tab is missing.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create a very simple process. ID = process my_project_simple.
With Auto-start.
Start Event=Update
Start Condition= ( Project Goal = 'Cost Avoidance' )
2. XOG it out
3. Modify the XOG output xml file and change the process code.
4. XOG it in
5. In the UI I checked the new process. Check the Start Condition

Expected Result: 
Process should be created with the Start Condition that is present in the XML.

Actual Result: 
Process is created fine, but Start Condition is missing

In the xml file, remove the spaces in the Start Condition
Caused by DE38491
Open. Defect is target for resolution in future release.