Xmanager JCL optional parameter PARMS

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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An optional parameter, PARMS  in Xamanager startup JCL can alleviate the problem of parms

exceeding the 100 character limit. 


This PARMS parameter allows you to specify a PDS  member in your Xmanager's PXMPARM DD. 

The default member name is XMANPARM.  This member could contain a list of        

parameters separated by commas such as                              



When the Xamanager starts up, this member will be processed by the Xmanager first.              

Parameters on the JCL parm may override the values shown in this member, if duplicate parameters found.     

If this member does not exist or it contains null information, it will not be processed by the Xmanager.


Moreover the content of this member will not be expanded into the JCL parm.                                        

Normally in JCL, the parm parameter for the EXEC statement cannot exceed 100 characters. 

With this PARMS parameter, you can pass  a list of parameters exceeding 100 characters

to your Xmanager  startup job.          


Here is a little scenario to demonstrate how PARMS parameter works.


Let’s start with this sample JCL for a test Xmanager.  Note that PARMS is specified on the EXEC statement.



//PTXJ170  PROC XMANID='6277',                                      

//            XSYS=Y,                                                

//            PRMS=XMANPARM,                                        

//            LVL=ID17.COMMON,                                      

//            DB2='DB2.DB2A10',                                     

//            USERLIB='PXM.WRK170S.LOADLIB',                        

//            USERLIB2='PTIPROD.ID17.COMMON.CDBALOAD'               

//*           USERLIB='PDT.WRK170S.LOADLIB'                         

//*           USERLIB='PTIPROD.ID17.COMMON.CDBALOAD'                

//*           GRP=CJYDEV,                                           

//*           OPT=,                                                 


//* CREATOR - YUACH01                                                



//STEP1    EXEC PGM=PXMINICC,MEMLIMIT=100G,                         

//             PARM=('XMANID(&XMANID),XSYS(&XSYS),INIT(&INIT)',     

//             'PARMS(&PRMS)'),              

//             REGION=0M,                                           

//             TIME=1540                                            






And there is a XMANPARM member in the PXMPARM DD library.  Clearly, this XMANPARM member contains more than 100 characters of parms and their values. 


VIEW       HIGHLVL.R17.PXMPARM(XMANPARM) - 01.02           Columns 00001 00072

Command ===>                                                  Scroll ===> CSR

****** ***************************** Top of Data ******************************

000001   XSYS(Y),                                                             

000002   INIT(XMANINIT),                                                      

000003   CPUTIME(20),                                                          

000004   CUSHION(25,60),                                                      

000005   CUSH(120,220),                                                       

000006   TRACE(N),                                                             

000007   MAXREGN(Y),                                                          

000008   HB(10),                                                              

000009   SERVERS(6),                                                           

000010   TERMWAIT(5),                                                         

000011   TIMEOUT(100),                                                        

000012   XTRACE(Y),                                                           

000013   SUFFIX(17),                                                          

000014   ENV(TEST),                                                           

000015   XDC(N),                                                              




When the sample Xamanager JCL starts, the JESLOG will display a new message PXM0416.  The SUFFIX and ENV values come from the XMANPARM member of the PXMPARM, since they are not specified on the JCL parm.   


SYSVIEW TSO1 CA31 ----------- OUTPUT, Job Output ------------ 10/01/14 17:42:56

Command ====>                                                 Scroll *===> CSR

 --------------------------------------------- Lvl 3 Row 76-104/104 Col 1-80/107

JobName  Jobid    Queue    DDName   StepName ProcStep ExecSys                 

 PTX6277  STC58874 EXECUTE  JESMSGLG JES2              CA31                    


17.49.55 STC59425  OEVN003I OPSEVENT State: UP                                 

17.49.55 STC59425  PXM0416 XMANAGER SUFFIX=17 ENV=TEST                          

17.49.55 STC59425  GEN0911 CA-DB2 Tools Health Checker interface initialization