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1.What is the information  the below screenshot  is providing?

Menu Print Tools Help CA SYSVIEW for DB2 DBP5 S22 04/19/18 14:56:58 
1 Summary 2 Detail 

R/INCOMPTD SQL Incompatibilities (IFCID 376) Item 1-2/2 

Actions: S=Detail, T=Retrieve SQL Text, E=Retrieve Explain Data (static only) 
Rsn St 
Program name Incompatibility reason Code Stmt ID (HEX) Type nu 

_ DSNTIAUL CHAR(dec) Format 1 0000000000000000 Dynamic 37 
_ DSQJSDBB VARCHAR/CAST(dec) Format 2 0000000000082FFC Static 35 

Command ===> 
F1=Help 2=Split 3=End 
9=Swap 10=Left 11=Right 12=Return 

2.  Pleasse provide  JCL to get SQL incompatibility programs list

1.This request (INCOMPTD) provides a trace of SQL executed by statement ID. It lists the plan, package collection, program name, SQL statement information and the reason the SQL statement is affected. This trace record is written once for each unique dynamic and static statement. 
From this display you can use the T line command to retrieve the SQL statement text, or use the E line command to view Explain data (static SQL only). 
Example of use: 
Determine the programs and SQL statements that are affected so that they can be modified to work with the new DB2 behavior. 

2. See IDB2 batch report  in HGHLVL.CDBATREQ(BTRECTRC) with your SMF data as input. This report will  provide information pertaining ifcid376 (APPL-SQL-INCOMPAT) along with more more detail.