XCOMU0311E, XCOMN0311E Send of user data failed: TXPI 215 return value = 10054

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What is the meaning of return value 10054?


10054 is a TCPIP error that means 'connection reset by peer'.  The reset could actually be from the local socket due to a connection failure, or could be a reset message passed back from the remote system.  Unicenter CA-XCOM is passing the error back from TCP/IP.  That is, the return value 10054 is not from CA-XCOM but from the IP socket.  Usually the problem is related to the network set-up and/or TCP/IP configuration.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • Review the TXPI_TERM_TIMEOUT value on the initiating side to make sure it is long enough.

  • Initiate transfers from both sides and see what happens.

  • From NT or UNIX or LINUX, try a transfer to the loopback address (  This way, XCOM will perform a transfer to itself.  This will be done only with the local TCP/IP stack and the network is not involved.   This helps to isolate malfunctions in one of the partner's sockets or in the network.

  • Determine what TCP/IP window sizes you have defined for both partners.  A conflict here can cause this problem.  For example, if the partners are NT and z/OS,  make sure the WINDOW size and the MTU values in the TCP/IP protocol configuration match on the two sides.