XCOMN0508E Error replacing or creating file

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Message "XCOMN0508E Error replacing or creating file" may be received when trying to send a file whose filename contains national characters such as the umlaut, accented characters and Hebrew characters to another ASCII machine. When viewing through the QUEUE MANAGER, you might see that such national characters have been suppressed from the filename.


The problem may be circumvented by making use of XCOM's pre-initialization exit (refer to XCOMPRE in the User Guide) to change the filename to what you want on the remote side before initiating the actual transfer.

Other Relevant Information

XCOM's internal transfer protocol is based on the EBCDIC character set, so the ASCII file names are being translated from ASCII to EBCDIC on the initiating Windows side and back to ASCII again on the target side. This is done by using the XCOM-internal conversion tables, regardless of whether external tables are specified in xcom.glb or not. This is because the protocol always needs to have reliable character conversion.

Currently XCOM does not support national characters such as umlauts or accented characters or Hebrew characters in filenames. To be more precise, this applies to remote filenames, that is, names that are sent to the target side and used there by the other XCOM.

Please be aware that CA XCOM r11.6 now supports Unicode and Multi-Byte characters. Refer to the CA XCOM r11.6 Release Notes.