XCOM Transfer fails with message "XCOMN0456E Cannot open EBCDIC-ASCII translation file."

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document describes what to do if a XCOM transfer fails with message XCOMN0456E Cannot open EBCDIC-ASCII translation file.


When you transfer a file from an ASCII-platform to an EBCDIC-platform and want to translate the characters during the transfer you can specify with the transfer options a specific translation table. To do this you can code CONVTAB=xxx in the xcom.cnf file used for that transfer ('xxx' stands for any three-character value).

Let's assume you code CONVTAB=ffm. Then you have to make sure that the two translation tables ffmatoe.tab and ffmetoa.tab exist in the directory %XCOM_HOME%/Convtab. If not, the transfer will fail and you will get message:

XCOMN0456E Cannot open EBCDIC-ASCII translation file

in the XCOM log.