XCOM SSL - Introduction to how to set up the RSAKEY.

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Last Modified Date : 09/11/2018
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You may use either RSA or DH to generate the keys, which are used during the handshake between machines. We suggest that you use RSA because it is more secure. RSA uses encryption to generate the key; DH does not use encryption, but uses the different sizes.

The files that you specify on the DH section are in the Config subdirectory and are called dh215.pem, dh1024.pem, dh2048.pem, and dh4096.pem.
  • Specify the path to all DH paths should you decide to use the supplied DH method to generate your keys.

A sample of the RSA follows.

    # Mandatory, YES/NO (if NO, DH will be used) 
    # Optional (for RSA NO, see above). If RSA NO and DH files empty, 
    # then internal program tables will be used. 
    DH_512_RECEIVE_SIDE = 
    DH_1024_RECEIVE_SIDE = 
    DH_2048_RECEIVE_SIDE = 
    DH_4096_RECEIVE_SIDE =