ws-security auth scheme not getting loaded

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Last Modified Date : 17/12/2018
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Seeing the following issue for the R12.8 policy server using the APM to SSO integration.

[09/28/2018][11:50:52.626][11:50:52][9048][10364][SmAuthCert.cpp:4992][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][LogMessage:ERROR:[sm-LoginLogout-00870] Certificate Authentication Scheme initialization failed, please check your configuration and restart policy server to try again] 
[09/28/2018][11:50:52.626][11:50:52][9048][10364][SmAuthCert.cpp:4993][SmAuthInit][][][][][][][][][][][][][Sm_AuthApi_Failure][][][][][][][][Leave function SmAuthInit] 
[09/28/2018][11:50:52.626][11:50:52][9048][10364][TmAuthWSSec.cpp:272][SmAuthInit][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][Could not initialize SmAuthCert library] 
[09/28/2018][11:50:52.626][11:50:52][9048][10364][TmAuthWSSec.cpp:273][SmAuthInit][][][][][][][][][][][][][Sm_AuthApi_Failure][][][][][][][][Leave function SmAuthInit] 
[09/28/2018][11:50:52.626][11:50:52][9048][10364][SmAuthServer.cpp:377][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][LogMessage:ERROR:[sm-Server-02960] Failed to initialize authentication scheme '_WS-Security-Username-Password']
12.8 and onwards of SSO Policy Server using the APM -> SSO integration.
The issue is with the libcurl version comparability. 12.8 is shipping a higher version of libcurl where as APM-SSO ships a lower version. When installing APM-SSO, it is replacing the higher version of libcurl with the lower version which has caused the issue.

12.8 PS is not compatible with lower version of libcurl which is shipped by APM-SSO. 
Use the libcurl shipped by 12.8 PS post-installation of APM-SSO. There will not be any issues with respect to APM-SSO as APM-SSO supports also the higher version of libcurl.