WS API: How to query for workspace by name

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Please see this article for examples of WS API GET and POST requests in a browser rest client or in a terminal using curl.

The preferred method of authentication for is ApiKey but this article is using username/password for authenticating GET requests. For information about ApiKey please see ApiKey FAQ.

In the example below requests are made in a browser REST client. The user whose credentials are used to authenticate the requests has access to more than one workspace:

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This user's default workspace is NM Chicago. Queries for a non-default workspace will require an additional workspace parameter. Queries to a default workspace do not require a worspace parameter because they are implicitly scoped to the user's default workspace.

1. Construct an endpoint for a default workspce: = "NM Chicago")

Use your REST client's interface to set username/password. Screenshots below are specific to Chrome's Advanced REST Client:

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2. Make the request:

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3. Construct an endpoint for a non-default workspce:

If we construct this endpoint without the workspace parameter 0 results will be returned. = "NMDS")
To make this endpoint work, the request must be scoped as shown below: = "NMDS")&workspace=/workspace/12352608129

In this example 12352608129 is the ObjectID of the workspace.
See this article on how to find out ObjectID of a workspace.

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4. Endpoint to get all workspaces in the subscription.

Start with this endpoint to get the ObjectID of your subscription:

In this example the ref property of the result looks like this:


Next, we use the ObjectID of the subscription, 1154643 in this example, to construct this endpoint:

The total result count of this query will vary depending on the permissions of the user who is authenticating the request. Since this user has access to 4 workspaces only, the total result count is 4. A different user may have a different total result count. A subscription administrator will get all workspaces in the subscription:

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For more details see this article on how to get ObjectIDs of all workspaces in the subscription.