WP and CP's are at 100%

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Last Modified Date : 04/01/2019
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1 - High fragmentation on EH and EJPP
2 - Rebuilding the indexes on EH and EJPP does not resolve the issue 
3 - Query still reads version of the memory that is no longer needed 
4 - Missing indexes.
Issues is with storage subsystem. Storage subsystem can create bottlenecks that drastically effect storage performance.
 Identify these issues early on by running benchmarks and analyzing your results. key metrics to monitor include: Queue depth, or the number of requests held in queue at one time; average disk queue length. Average I/O size in kilobytes. IOPS (reads and writes; random and sequential; average of overall IOPS) Throughput in megabytes per second. Write percentage vs. read percentage. Capacity (free, used and reserve).

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Workaround:The work around is to continually rebuild the indexes on EH and EJPP every 30 minutes