WAAE Login failed error on DBPROC job

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Last Modified Date : 22/05/2019
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Workload Automation AE (AutoSys Edition) 

We have some jobs set up using DBPROC job type but they keep on failing with Login failed error.
insert_job: job-name job_type: DBPROC
box_name: box-name
machine: machine-name
owner: user-name@instance-name
permission: gx,wx,mx,ge,we,me
date_conditions: 0
connect_string: "jdbc:sqlserver://sql_server_hostname:3181;DatabaseName=database-name"
sp_name: spIntfWiptrackMonitorQueue
Agent version:
cybagent -v
CA Workload Automation Agent
for Microsoft Windows 32-bit
Version R11.3, Service Pack 4, Maintenance Level 1, Build 738
Enabled plug-in(s):
- runner
- router
- filemon
- objmon
- filebrowser
- ftp
- database
WA Agent 11.3 SPx on Windows
The owner of the job is set to “user-name@instance-name”.
So the job will need to connect to the database as user “user-name@instance-name”.
You will need to create a database user with the same user-name.
Or you can change the job owner to an existing database user-name.
Then you will need to use “autosys_secure” to register the “database user” and his “password to the database” by:
$ autosys_secure
CA WAAE Security Utility
Please select from the following options:
[1] Revert to NATIVE instance security.
[2] Manage CA EEM security settings.
[3] Change database password.
[4] Change remote authentication method.
[5] Manage users. < ======
[6] Get encrypted password.
[0] Exit CA WAAE Security Utility.
> 5
Manage users
Please select from the following options:
[1] Manage users with password. < ======
[2] Manage users with key credentials.
[9] Exit from "Manage users" menu.
[0] Exit CA WAAE Security Utility.
> 1
Manage users with password
Please select from the following options:
[1] Create a user. < ======
[2] Change a user.
[3] Delete a user.
[4] Show all users.
[9] Exit from "Manage users with password" menu.
[0] Exit CA WAAE Security Utility.
> 1
CAUAJM_I_60416 Create a user with password:
Input the user name (or hit enter to cancel): database_username < ======
Enter user host or domain (or hit enter to cancel): instance-name < ======
Enter new password: <password-to-db> < ======
Enter new password again: <password-to-db> < ======
CAUAJM_I_60135 User create successful.
Problem resolved by applying the solution.