Workflow Task is not allowed to be deleted

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In the web interface of Service Desk; when attempting to delete a workflow task, you receive these errors: "AHD05704: This workflow task is not allowed to be deleted" OR "INVALID - AHD05969: At least one active Task is using the workflow template"


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a change category with 1 or multiple workflow task templates on it.

    In the example below, a change category called 'add.IT.S erver ', with multiple workflow tasks was created and saved.

  2. Create a change order and select the Change Category created above: 'add.IT.Server'.

  3. If you click on the specific change category itself (in this example: 'add.IT.Server'), and right click on the task you wish to eliminate, click on 'delete workflow' and this will produce the error:

"INVALID - AHD05969: At least one active Task is using the workflow template - try setting the task template status to Inactive"

Figure 1



These errors are due to attempting to edit Workflow Task Templates that are currently in use by existing Workflow Tasks. Service Desk will not let you remove its components from within a specific change category ('add.IT.Server' in the example above) if there is an incomplete Workflow Task referencing this same Workflow Task Template on the Change Order.



You may resolve this error by ensuring there are no active (open) change orders that contain Workflow Tasks which reference the Workflow Task Templates you want to delete. If there are; complete the Workflow Task(s) in question and complete the deletion of the Workflow Task Template in question.

  1. Edit the Workflow Tasks of the change category from the ' change category link ' when creating a new change order. Navigate to the category you wish to edit and click on " view detail "

    Figure 2

    This will bring you to the change category detail screen but this time in edit mode, which will allow you to successfully remove the task you want to delete.

    Right click on the tasks you want to eliminate and select ' delete workflow ''.

    You will see the task successfully delete if there are no other active change orders that have incomplete Workflow Tasks referencing it.

    Figure 3

    The crucial part here is that you access the change order via the " Category Selection " link (as shown above) and NOT through the change category itself after saving the change order, as pictured below:

    Figure 4

    Following the steps above, you will be able to get past the issue.