Workflow - Basic Troubleshooting

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Document Version: 1.1

Workflow Releases: 1.0, 1.1

ProblemAreas to check and possible solutions
  • Severe error cascade under high load
  • Cannot log into Workflow IDE

  • Cannot connect to Process Manager
  • First time user? Check if the user is in the right group with right permission

  • Has the CA Workflow Engine started completely?

  • Are hostname and port correct?

  • Is eIAM working correctly?

  • Any conflicting Java instance on the same machine?

  • Check to make sure that the eIAM password for a workflow user does not contain any special characters.
  • Missing tabs in IDE Java OutOfMemory error
  • Check the size of ProcessManager.log in Tomcat folder. If large, delete or move ProcessManager.log, then log into the Workflow IDE and turn off Server Logging - see Tech Doc TEC423659 (SupportConnect link, Portal link) for details.
  • Cannot purge all instances in IDE
  • User does not have proper permissions.

  • One or more instances are still running.

  • User needs improved purging in or 1.1.1 SP1.
  • Worklist very slow to load

  • Cannot log into Worklist Java OutOfMemory error
  • If there is a large number of completed workitems, clean up the old workflow instances. See Tech Doc TEC423639 (SupportConnect link, Portal link) for details on SQL Server Maintenance.

  • JVM heap size should be increased from default.

  • Are you using external attributes that hold large amount of data (XML, string)? If so, mark them internal, in accordance with Tech Doc TEC423658 (SupportConnect link, Portal link).
  • Many suspended instances
  • "Form not found" error when performing a task in Worklist
  • Might be caused by spaces in the form labels: edit the form and remove all spaces from labels.
  • Settings changed in Tomcat XML files do not take effect
  • Make sure the tomcat has been restarted for the change made in the XML files to take effect

  • If you need to keep a copy of an existing XML file in Tomcat, do NOT rename it (e.g. my_file_old.xml). Tomcat will still interpret this file as an active context on its next startup. Instead, either change the extension (e.g. my_file.old) or move the old version somewhere else.
  • Database size grows very quickly
  • Cannot get email notifications
  • Check to see if the user in eIAM has a valid email address

  • Make sure the "SMTPHost" configuration parameter points to a valid SMTP Server in the Workflow IDE Server Configuration.
  • A Web Service call fails
  • Check to see if the WSDL URL can be accessed from a standard Web Browser.

  • Assuming that Exception Handling is enabled on the node that calls the Web Service, check to see if there is any Actor Fault error information.
  • "The log file for database XYZ is full" error message in the log files
  • Cannot open process instances in the Instances tab of the Workflow IDE
  • Check to see if both the <workflow-installation>\client and the <tomcat-installation>\common\endorsed folder contain a xercesImpl.jar file containing version 2.6.2 and occupying approximately 988 KB.
  • See APAR QO86489 (SupportConnect link, Portal link).

  • Note that Tomcat needs to be restarted if the file had to be copied to either folder.
  • "Error: EE_NOTATTACHED Not Attached to Repository" message when creating a role within a process definition
  • Upgrade to a later version of eIAM 8.1 (TEC401685) (SupportConnect link, Portal link). CA Workflow Support currently recommends build r8.1_061005 or higher of eIAM 8.1.
  • Workflow IDE hangs when opening instances
  • Purge the older instances from the IDE.
  • Instance does not complete but stays in "Running" status, or shows up as "Suspended"
  • Some error has occurred. Open the instance and check for errors in the History tab, or check the Server Log in the IDE (if enabled) or the other Workflow logs. For details, see Tech Doc TEC423669 (SupportConnect link, Portal link).