Work/ETC decreased in Fixed Duration Tasks when exported from Clarity to MSP

Document ID : KB000028719
Last Modified Date : 29/08/2018
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When a project is opened in Microsoft Project (MSP) 2010 and 2013, using the XML format, and the task is Fixed Duration, the Work is decreased if the Work Contour is NOT Flat.
This problem is caused by an MSP issue when using XML format. Since the MSP drivers for CA PPM v14.1+ use XML format, once the issue is fixed by Microsoft, Clarity users will no longer experience this problem
Steps to reproduce:
  1. Create a project with one Fixed Duration task and set 5 days duration
  2. Assign one resource for each loading pattern/work contour available: Flat, Front, Back, Double Peak, Early Peak, Late Peak, Bell, Turtle
  3. Change the loading pattern of each assignments and give 40 hours Work each
  4. You will see the Work distribution properly populated
  5. Save as to XML
  6. Create a new project from the saved XML file
Expected Result: Total Work and Work distribution should be the same as in step 4
Actual Result: For all assignments, except the Flat work contour, Total Work decrease and Work distribution decrease accordingly
Work Distribution at step 4 :
Work Distribution at step 6 :
This is now fixed within CA PPM 14.3