"Workday (Base Calendar)" instead of "Workday (Exception)" still appears for a resource calendar after changing the shift for the resource

Document ID : KB000121389
Last Modified Date : 09/01/2019
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After changing the shift of a day marked as "Workday (Base Calendar)" for a resource, the day is kept as "Workday (Base Calendar)", not "Workday (Exception)".

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Go to Home > Resource Management > Resources and open any resource.
  2. Go to the Calendar tab
  3. Open any day that appears as "Workday (Base Calendar)".
  4. Modify the shift for that day so that it is different than the base calendar.
Expected behavior: The day appears as Workday (Exception).
Actual behavior: The day appears as Workday (Base Calendar).
Any Clarity PPM release.
This is expected. The exceptions are related to the fact that a day that it is a Workday in the base calendar and a Non-Workday for a resource calendar, or the other way around.
This is not taking into account if there is a difference in the shift between the base calendar and the resource calendar.