Within CA SDM, how can I add a new entry to the Call Back Date/Time dropdown on the Incident/Request/Problem/Change detail pages for selecting the Call Back date?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The Call Back Date/Time field on the ticket detail pages in the CA SDM web interface allows the end user to select values for setting the date from a dropdown.

See the image below:



The following steps can be used to add a new entry, for example 'In three days', to the dropdown selection:

  1. Start Web Screen Painter (WSP) and open the htmpl file that you want to modify. We will use detail_in.htmpl in this example.
  2. Go to the Source Tab and find the code for the Call Back date. It looks like this:

<PDM_MACRO name=dtlDate hdr="Call Back Date/Time" attr=call_back_date>

} else {

   detailDateDropdown("Call Back Date/Time", "call_back_date", 1, 20,



                      86400, msgtext("In_one_day"),   // In one day

                      172800, msgtext("In_two_days"),  // In two days

                      604800, msgtext("In_one_week")); // In one week

     3. Update the code to add the following line after the line: '172800, msgtext("In_two_days"),  // In two days':

                     259200, msgtext("In_three_days"), // In three days

    Note that 259299 is the number of seconds that equal 3 days.

   4. Save the file and do a File/Publish and close Web Screen Painter

     5. Copy the file NX_ROOT\bopcfg\www\wwwroot\scripts\msg_cat.js to NX_ROOT\site\mods\www\wwwroot\scripts

     6. Edit NX_ROOT\site\mods\www\wwwroot\scripts\msg_cat.js and add the following line after the line: '__messages["In_two_days"]="In two days";'

 __messages["In_three_days"]="In three days";

     7. Save the file.

     8. Stop and start the Service Desk services and clear web browser cache.

     9.  Login to CA SDM and open a ticket. Click on the Call Back Date/Time dropdown and you will see the new entry 'In three days':