With a Renamed CA View Database, Does Anything Need Done with the Tapes?

Document ID : KB000070162
Last Modified Date : 30/04/2018
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If a CA View database is renamed (with SARDBASE RENAME), is there anything that should be done with the tapes, so that they have the same high-level qualifier

as the database?



When a SARDBASE RENAME is done with a database, the tapes that are owned by that database are still owned by it, regardless of the new name of the database. 

So long as the tapes owned by the database are still in the catalog, then end-users will be able to access reports no differently than before.


When View recalls a report from tape, it searches the index to see what the DSN of the tape is and looks up that DSN in the catalog. 

If the tape is in the catalog, the tape gets mounted for report retrieval. 


The fact that the View tapes themselves do not have the same high-level qualifier does not matter.


SARPAC can be run on the tapes, which will create output tapes with the new high-level qualifier.


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