Windows Media Player cannot play the file error within Service Desk.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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While a ticket is open within Service Desk a Windows Media Player error randomly pops up stating that Windows Media Player cannot play the file. 

Why is this occurring and how can it be prevented?


WMP Error.png

SDM 12.9SDM 14.1SDM 17.0

Most likely no errors will occur in the Service Desk logs but upon further investigation via a Fiddler trace the most likely cause is a "beep.wav" file which is being called by Service Desk.



One of the main reasons this file is called is from a Timer Setup configuration within Service Desk. Timer Setup can be accessed via the Administration tab-> Service Desk-> Application Data-> Codes-> Timer Setup.

Timer codes control the reminders to analysts that they have been working on a request longer than the recommended amount of time. This way of reminding analysts has the recommended amount of time defined as a threshold.


If any item in the Timer Setup list has Beep set to Yes, then Service Desk will attempt to play the beep.wav file. If this is not a requirement, set this option to No and the error should no longer occur.

If it is required then troubleshooting will need to be ran from the Windows Media Player,  such as: updating and/or reinstalling the Sound Card and Video Card drivers, install an updated codec, etc.