Windows Job has a negative return code

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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Windows Job has a negative return code
Detailed Description and Symptoms


?A job ENDED_OK but had the following in the job report:

Return Code -1073741811

UCMDJP: *******************************************************************
UCMDJP: ** JOB 09997440 (ProcID:0000049400) ABEND AT 14.11.2011/03:14:57 **
UCMDJP: ** ------------------------------------------------------------- **
UCMDJP: ** RET-CODE:-1073741811 **
UCMDJP: ** USED: 161.156 CPU **
UCMDJP: ** 390792 PAGE FAULTS **
UCMDJP: *******************************************************************
Connected with executor 'MIA0TAPPF3'
Program 'Automic Job Messenger' version '6.00A' terminated normally


?This negative return code is a 'Windows Protection Fault' and is discussed in the Automic documentation.


?In order to make the job react to a negative return code, you'll need to add a Runtime tab to the job (the "+" tab will have Runtime in the dropdown), and in the Runtime tab, change the Definition for ENDED_OK to Return code <=: -1

You will need to set the definitions like below in order for your job to be handled how you would like:

If one inputs '-1' (Definition for ENDED_OK), all returncodes are unequal to 0 NOT_OK:
"-10000000 <= -1"     -10000000 is more than -1, therefore NOT_OK
"0 <= -1"             0 less than  -1, therefore OK
"10000000 <= -1"     10000000 is more than -1, therefore NOT_OK