Windows Agent JOBS fail when run in a Agent Group.

Document ID : KB000099997
Last Modified Date : 29/06/2018
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When running a Windows 'JOBS' in a Windows Agent Group the task ends abnormally.
But, if the same Windows 'JOBS' is run with a specific Windows Agent assigned, it runs successfully.

Error as shown in the Windows Agent Log: 
U02000009 Job 'JOBS.WIN.TEST_CMD_BUG' with RunID '15588199' ended with return code '1'. 

Error as shown in the Automation Engine WP Log: 
U00011007 Job 'JOBS.WIN.TEST_CMD_BUG' (RunID '0015588199' / Workflow-RunID: '0015588198') on Host '???????' ended abnormally (return code='0001'). 
U00011503 Workflow 'JOBP.TEST_CMD_BUG' (RunID '0015588198') ended abnormally. 
U00011000 'REPORT' (RunID: '0015587437') could not be started on '????????'. See next message. 
U00029003 Cannot open file 'X:\Path?????????\OABICXMD.TXT', error code '2', error description: '2 - The system cannot find the file specified.'. 
Automation Engine Version 12.1.0 
Windows Agent Version 12.1.0 
Please install one of the following or higher versions to obtain the correction:
  • Automation Engine 12.2.0 - currently planned to be released end of June 2018.
  • Automation Engine 12.1.2 - Available