Wily Manager for SiteMinder not reporting metrics for SiteMinder Secure Proxy Servers after upgrade.

Document ID : KB000029786
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After upgrading SiteMinder 12.5 to 12.52, APM agents installed on SiteMinder Secure Proxy Servers are not reporting any SiteMinder web agent metrics. Still seeing server metrics (Agents stats, EPAgent, GC heap etc.) However, other metrics showing before are missing (for SiteMinder Secure Proxy Servers.)


The agent log is showing error messages repeatedly.

8/27/14 01:41:38 PM EDT [ERROR] [EPAgent] Metric data from plugin 'Client
at Socket[addr=/,port=61743,localport=8886]' is invalid: <metric
type='IntAverage' name=' serveur proxy s curis |Nom de l'instanced'h te|Mesures de serveur SPS|Nom de serveur d'arri re-plan : dur e moyennede r ponse (ms)' value='84'/>



There is a minor difference between SiteMinder 12.5 and SiteMinder 12.52. SiteMinder 12.5 only supports English. However, Siteminder 12.52 supports multiple languages including French. The Siteminder upgrade does not include any special language setting. So, it seems that the French character set may be a factor here. 

To resolve this problem, take following steps:

Change the SiteMinder Secure Proxy Server (SPS) locale to English, here are steps for this:

1) Stop the "Secure Proxy Engine" instance Proxy service referred:
e.g. Secure Proxy Engine (proxycit)

2) Edit the following file "SmSpsProxyEngine.properties" located in the directory:
C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\secure-proxy\INSTANCE_NAME\proxy-engine\conf

3) On the line "NETE_SPS_PROXYENGINE_CMD", add these two parameters:

"in -Duser.language =" and "= US -Duser.region"

4) Restart the service proxy instance