Will your Application run under Advantage CA-Roscoe ETSO?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What can be gained by running an application under Roscoe ETSO?

Advantage CA-Roscoe cannot make an application use fewer resources than it already does. In addition, if the application requires ISPF, you will have to run ISPF under Roscoe ETSO also. An application requiring 100K to execute under TSO, for example, still requires 100K under Advantage CA-Roscoe. However, if the application is reentrant, only one copy of the application needs be loaded into the Advantage CA-Roscoe address space instead of the one copy for each user required by TSO. Multiple users can concurrently execute the same reentrant application.

How do I Determine if the Application will run Under Roscoe ETSO?

This section present technical information about the types of applications that can execute under ETSO. It also contains guidelines you can use to determine whether or not these applications will be able to run. It may be necessary to contact the vendor to determine whether a particular application can run under ETSO. Sometimes it may be necessary to test to see if the application can run under ETSO. Advantage CA-Roscoe technical support may have experience with running your application under ETSO. Contact technical support to see if they have information about your application and ETSO. Applications that cannot run under ETSO may be able to run under BTSO. To find out about BTSO, see TEC303599 (SupportConnect link, Portal link). For the differences between ETSO and BTSO, see TEC362879 (SupportConnect link, Portal link).

Types of Applications that run under ETSO

  1. A wide range of applications can be executed under ETSO with no modification. These include:

    1. Applications written in Assembler and such high-level languages as:

      • COBOL (provided the module ILBOCOM0 is link edited as reusable only).

      • FORTRAN (provided the module IFYVLBCM (Version 4 FORTRAN) is link edited as reusable only).

      • PL/I

    2. Applications that run under TSO using TPUT and TGET for terminal I/O.

    3. Applications based on TSO command processors.

    4. Applications which use the TSO Dialog Manager.

    5. Applications which use CLISTs and REXX execs.

Features not Supported under ETSO

  1. ETSO does not provide a TEST facility

    • 44 CHAP Not supported.

    • 46 TTIMER All functions except TTIMER CANCELS are supported.

    • 47 STIMER Only STIMER WAITS are supported, all other functions are ignored.

    • 100 FIB Not supported.

    • 109 All functions except 10 and 11 are supported.

  2. Applications using the following SVCs should be aware of the noted limitations:

  3. ETSO does not support the TSO TSB control block. Some TSO programs and command processors determine that they are running under TSO by testing for the presence of this control block. If an application does not run under ETSO but does run under TSO, check to see if the application is relying on the TSB.

  4. LIBDEF and FILEDEF statements for load libraries are not supported by ETSO.

  5. Advantage CA-Roscoe does not support the TSO TIME and TSO LOGOFF commands when issued from a REXX exec. Attempting to issue one of these commands within a REXX exec will result in a return code of -3.