With CA SYSVIEW for DB2, will Forbidden, Expensive, Restricted IFCIDS cause problems when used?

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Last Modified Date : 17/12/2018
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The following alert  was displayed in the exception:
Message: * High Severity Exception * DBGHC025E CA SYSVIEW for DB2 data collector BWZXDSN contains expensive IFCID(s) in online statistics history file: 0055, 0144, 0350 Explanation: The data collector SYSPARM option HIST-STATS-RECS contains one or more expensive IFCIDs as identified in the message text. These IFCIDs will not be used by CA SYSVIEW for DB2, can cause high DB2 overhead, and will potentially flood the CA SYSVIEW for DB2 online history file causing meaningful history data to be unavailable. But they are used for Auditing purpose (55 - SET CURRENT SQLID and 144 - READS towards DB2 AUDITED Table). Will this configuration cause problem?
Yes, you could experience the potential problems caused by the expensive IFCIDs. It's up to you to evaluate and decide what best serve the interest of your shop. Use of the expensive IFCIDs for audit or the risks listed.