Will discover update the device name when rediscovered?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Does rediscovering a device in eHealth update the device name?



Discover will create element names reflecting the value found in the sysName.0 OID by default.  Re-discovering the device after a system name change will update the element name with the new device name (system name) provided none of the following has ever occurred: 


1) The device's element names have been manually changed via the Poller Config UI

2) The device's element names have been altered via the use of DCI.


If any of the element names have ever been changed in this manner, the new system name will not effect that element name via rediscovery.  This behavior was designed to prevent subsequent Discoveries from over-riding manually edited element names.

To get around this behavior and cause the element name to be updated with the device's system name, the "segNameModInUi" field can be cleared from the element configuration. This field does not appear in the Poller Config UI by default.

One can change these values back to "No" during Discover by using a DCI file. The DCI rule file syntax is as follows:


name matches ".*":





To utilize DCI:

1)  Create a new text file on the eHealth server and copy the above rule into the file.

2) In the Discover UI,  check the "Use DCI rules" box and click the specify button to bring up the DCI dialogue box.

3) In the DCI dialogue check "Use DCI rules" and browse to the text file created  in step 1.

4) Click OK and rediscover the device.


This will unset the segNameModInUi field. The element names should become updated with the new device system name upon saving the discovery.


Additional Information:

The cause of this issue is if an element name has been changed, the segNameModInUi field becomes set to "Yes" whenever an element name is changed, even if it is changed back to the original discover-assigned name.