why would a batch to CV job get error-status 1469

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Last Modified Date : 08/05/2018
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Why would a batch to CV job receive error-status 1469 upon issuing a BIND RUN-UNIT?
  If a batch pgm accessing an IDMS CV using SYSCTL or CICS program receives error-ststaus 1469 for a BIND RUN-UNIT DML, it means the connection to the CV was denied.

  There can be several reasons for this including that the IDMS CV in question is not active.
  If that is the case the CV should be brought up and the program retried.

  Another reason is described in Knowledge Base articles KB000056969 and KB000044914, both of which describe a scenario where the IDMS SVC was REFRESHed with CAIRIM while the CV was up. 

  If the CV is up and SVC was not refreshed, the 1469 for BIND RUN-UNIT from a batch CV job or CICS program indicates an automatic Signon failure.

  The IDMS CV Log will have the message that indicates the signon failure for the external program.
  For example:

DC201006 Vnn T1 CV-Status BE-TaskID Pri FE - ID1 FE - ID2 FE TaskCD FE USERID FE - ID3 
DC201006 Vnn T1 ABRT SNON .. 20     100 BATCBULK CV02DA     IDMSBCF    userid 8CA006E3 

  This message will show the userid that was passed from the front-end program.
  If RESTYPE=SGON is secured, the userid shown is not defined or has not been granted the Signon privilege to the IDMS System.

  If the userid shows as PUBLIC, it is possible that an invalid USRIDXIT is being used that passes PUBLIC as the userid.
 The sample USRIDXIT source delivered in CAGJSRC contains the comment 

  If opsys is VSE and there is no external security manager, USRIDXIT is required to provide a valid userid for batch, so the 1469 could be an indication that the proper USRIDXIT has not been implemented. 
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