Why when running BSTXCOPY to copy a complete PDS library to a PDSE library is the $$$SPACE member not being copied?

Document ID : KB000030993
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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$$$SPACE  is a PDSMAN member, created by PDSMAN in a PDS (not PDSE)  when :

   - a PDS is being compressed

   - there is an active $UPDATE rule with PSR=Y

The creation of and existence of $$$SPACE is required to support PDSMAN's Space Reuse feature.

If PDSMAN is active during BSTXCOPY operations, PDSMAN will prevent $$$SPACE from being copied into a PDSE or even another PDS.  

The information related to a $$$SPACE member is only valid for the PDS in which it was created.

$$$SPACE should only exist in a PDSE if PDSMAN was not active when some  PDS with a $$$SPACE member was copied into the PDSE.   

It is okay for $$$SPACE to be in a PDSE.  It will not be used.