Why two different messages for the same event

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Last Modified Date : 09/05/2018
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Why Thread Terminator(PTT) creates other messages PTT0001, PTT0002, PTT0003, and PTT0004 for the same termination events instead of writing the same TTHxxxxx to the SYSLOG?
The PTT0001, PTT0002, PTT0003, and PTT0004 messages are written via an Xmanager messaging service. The interface for this service takes the product code (PTT in this case) and a 4-digit number as input parameters and uses these to look up the message template in an internal table. The interface is designed this way because our direction is to have all new messages prefixed with the product code. The TTH messages are not written via the Xmanager messaging service. The code that writes these TTH messages, which is some of the oldest code in PTT, is executed unconditionally immediately after the PTT0001, etc. messages are written conditionally.