Why the Planning 'On Hold' and 'Resume' Date attributes don't show on the simple budget page?

Document ID : KB000028489
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Clarity 7.x, 8.x, 12.x.  'Forecasted' attributes were removed in version 13.x

Through Studio, I added the attributes for 'Forecasted Cost On Hold' and 'Forecasted Cost Resume' Dates to the Project Object, Simple Budget page. However, these fields do not show up when I go to a project simple budget page. Why?


These attributes are controlled by internal logic within the application.

The Project Status attribute will have an option to select 'On Hold' if the project has a value of 'Started' on the Progress attribute and if today's date falls between the Budgeted Cost Start Date and Budgeted Cost Finish date. If the Project Status is set to 'On Hold' the planning 'On Hold' and 'Resume' dates will appear on the page otherwise these attributes will be automatically set to hidden by the application.

If the Project Status is set to 'On Hold' and the end-user enters any data for the simple budget page, the On Hold and Resume date fields will automatically be updated. If a Project Status is set to 'On Hold' and the end-user tries to remove the budgeted cost amount, cost start date and cost finish dates, an error "INV-0011: Invalid On Hold date" may appear. The reason for this error message is that the 'On Hold' and 'Resume' dates have values and the application is checking the start and finish dates against the 'On Hold' and 'Resume' dates.