Why NCL verbs &WRITEA/&WRITEH/&WRITEM/&WRITEL are not described on product doc but still work?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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There could be various NCLs in a NetMaster site that still use old format

NCL verbs &WRITEA/&WRITEH/&WRITEM/&WRITEL--and work as coded.


Why old format NCL verbs &WRITEA/&WRITEH/&WRITEM/&WRITEL are

not described on the NetMaster documentation but still work as coded?


Old &WRITEA/&WRITEH/&WRITEM/&WRITEL verbs are no longer documented

but they are still supported for backward compatibility. 


The current verb (that has replaced them) is &WRITE (used with operands).

Additional Information:

Please review the &WRITE verb at this DocOps location: