Why is there only one member in my BASE SAMPJCL named @README after unloading multiple pax files for CA Common Services for z/OS r14.1 and executing GIMUNZIP?

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Last Modified Date : 07/09/2018
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During the install process of CA Common Services for z/OS r14.1 and after executing BPXBATCH to unload multiple pax files and the subsequent GIMUNZIP, some customers have found that the BASE SAMPJCL contains only a single member named @README.

Why does my Common Services r14.1 SAMPJCL contain only a @README member which refers me to other members that don't exist?   


Installing CA Common Services r14.1 into a z/OS environment using components from multiple pax files.   
   The probable cause is that during the download process, each pax file was unpackaged into the same product directory before executing GIMUNZIP.  which overlaid the previous file.  Assuming the BASE was the first file that was unpackaged, any additional pax file downloaded into the same directory as the BASE will overlay it.  Thus, when GIMUNZIP was executed, it processed the last file.   All members necessary to install the product are copied into the BASE SAMPJCL when GIMUNZIP is executed for the BASE . Each additional pax file contains its own GIMUNZIP and creates a corresponding SAMPJCL (ie. LEGACY,OPTIONAL) consisting of one @README member. Each @README refers you to the BASE SAMPJCL for the necessary JCL to install the components contained within the specific pax file. 
    There are two methods that can be used to avoid this from occurring
  • Download each pax file into it's own directory 
    • This is the recommended method as noted  in the Common Services r14.1 Installation Guide and Documentation wiki
  • If the same directory is to be used, ensure that each pax file is downloaded and the file specific GIMUNZIP is executed before processing the next file 


Additional Information:
Refer to the section under the heading Create a Product Directory from the Pax File found in the CA Common Services r14.1 Documentation wiki