Why is the time stamp value of 00:00 showing even though PDSMAN Last Reference Dates are being recorded for library members.

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Why is the update time stamp for library members is 00:00 even though PDSMAN last reference date recording is set ?

PDSMAN Last Reference Dates are being recorded for library members.

The PDSMAN Last Reference Date Recording (LRDR) facility records the date on which a member was last referenced. The date, which is recorded in the directory entry user data field, can be used as a basis for later archiving or purging of members that are no longer being used. Last Reference Date Recording is enabled using the $ACCESS control statement, REF=Y parameter.

When a member is accessed and LRDR is enabled, PDSMAN attempts to record the last reference date. In some cases the directory entry may not have a user data area in which to record the date. Usually this occurs for PDS load libraries, but it can also happen when members do not already have ISPF statistics recorded. In this situation, PDSMAN dynamically expands the directory entry, records the last reference date, and fills in default values in the update date and time fields. The time field default is set to 00:00 because the expansion is being performed during an access operation, not during an update.

The directory entries can also be expanded manually by running the PDSM12 utility and specifying the "/ADD" parameter. When PDSM12 is used to expand the directory entries, the update time is also set to 00:00.

The time field value will be set to a valid time when the member is next updated and ISPF statistics or PDSMAN member control information recorded.

PDSMAN member control information can be reported using the:

  • PDSM07 utility
  • List Member Control Information option from the ISPF PDSMAN Master Menu
  • EZYEDIT Member Selection List AUDIT view.
Additional Information:

For additional information, see the chapter "Recording Member Last Reference Dates" in the PDSMAN Member Archiving and Recovery Facilities User Guide. The PDSM12 utility is described in the chapter "Adding and Removing Member Control Information (PDSM12)" in the same guide. The PDSMAN initialization control statements are fully described in the appendix "Initialization Control Statements" of the Administrator Guide.