Why is the DB2 program statement number no longer displayed by CTRANLOG after the upgrade to SYSVIEW 14.1?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After the upgrade to SYSVIEW 14.1, the DB2 section of the CTRANLOG display has changed.


I upgraded to SYSVIEW 14.1 and can no longer see the program statement number on DB2 section of CTRANLOG detail display; is this expected? How can it be displayed again?




In previous releases of SYSVIEW the following options in the CICSOPTS parmlib member controlled the amount of detail DB2 information that was collected:




The ability to control the detail level has been combined into a single new option in 14.1:


Valid values:

                No               - Do not collect data (Default)

               SUMMARY     - Collect DB2 request information by the specific program and request type. 


               DETAIL         - Collect DB2 request information by the specific program, request type and statement number.

This option can be modified after initialization via the CCONFIG or CICSSET commands.

The following related options are required: TRANSACTION-DATA Yes

Additional Information:

List of Configuration Options Renamed or Removed can be found here 

List of Configuration Options that Control Transaction Data Collection can be found here