Why is my customized ADSMVS60 module shorter than the original one

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The CA DISK SVC module ADSMVS60 is available as source code in CCUWSAMP and can be customized as described in Installation Guide chapter:

Configuring Your Product › Customization Options › The CA Disk SVC



If the CA DISK SVC module ADSMVS60 is installed using Usermod SDU1811 provided in CCUWJCL member USERMOD1 the new load module is shorter than the original one supplied in CCUWLPA.

What is the reason for that? Is there something missing?


For example:

The ADSMVS60 module in CCUWLPA at PTF level RO87785 has a length of hex 1360 bytes.




CONTROL SECTION                              


      00    ADSMVS60      1310   SD    24    

    1310    ADSOPJOB        0F   SD    31    

    1320    ADSOPDSN        16   SD    31    

    1338    ADSOPVOL        08   SD    31    

    1340    ADSOPPGM        0E   SD    31    

    1350    ADSOPJBN        01   SD    31    

    1358   $PRIVATE         01   PC    31    


After installation of Usermod SDU1811 from CCUWJCL(USERMOD1) the length is hex 12B8.

AMBLIST shows, that the ADSMVS60 CSECT is shorter than before:


CONTROL SECTION                                


      00    ADSMVS60      1268   SD    24      

    1268    ADSOPJOB        0F   SD    31      

    1278    ADSOPDSN        16   SD    31      

    1290    ADSOPVOL        08   SD    31      

    1298    ADSOPPGM        0E   SD    31      

    12A8    ADSOPJBN        01   SD    31      

    12B0   $PRIVATE         01   PC    31      



NOTE: The numbers in the example above may vary at different PTF levels for ADSMVS60.




The MLIST macro at the end of the source code includes the internal #MODID macro, which is not provided to customers in the CCUWMAC library. 

The #MODID macro is expanded only, if the module is assembled at CA and not at the customer site and therefore the original module is longer than the module installed using USERMOD1.

NOTE: The #MODID macro contains level information only for the original module under SMPE control, like PTF level, assembly Date and Time. It does not contain any executable code, so there is no impact, if it is missing in the customized module.