Why is it when using CA File Master Plus on a test LPAR we receive a S0C1 in CEEBINIT?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We have z/OS V2.2 running on our test LPARs.  Why is it using CA File Master Plus on one of the those test LPARs causes a S0C1 in CEEBINIT?

Here are the messages from the dump:IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT 926SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=0C1 REASON CODE=00000001TIME=11.05.51 SEQ=05296 CPU=0000 ASID=0030PSW AT TIME OF ERROR 078D0000 8000E982 ILC 2 INTC 01ACTIVE LOAD MODULE ADDRESS=0000BE10 OFFSET=00002B72NAME=CEEBINITDATA AT PSW 0000E97C - 01000001 00000000 00000000AR/GR 0: 00000000/0000E980 1: 00000000/0F501A202: 00000000/0000BE10 3: 00000000/0F501A204: 00000000/008C9010 5: 00000000/0000BE106: 00000000/008C8FC8 7: 00000000/000000018: 00000000/00000001 9: 00000000/0F505B84A: 00000000/00000001 B: 00000000/8F505990C: 00000000/00000000 D: 00000000/00007000E: 00000000/8F505B32 F: 07000000/0000E980END OF SYMPTOM DUMP+CCSR010E CAWABATC S0C1 at 0000E982 LMOD CEEBINIT CSECT N/A +N/A SPSDWRIF N/A FM 41BAT

Our LE resource didn't copy over an alias when he copied the new members in for LE.