Why is it that on the Request Index I can watch the status of a request change as it processes, but not if I select the specific request?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This is working as designed. Due to the architecture of Alchemist, only the index (request or entity) is refreshed from the control files after pressing enter.

If you select a request on the index, you see the one request on ZDDCRQIM, Change Request Index Selection, such as this:

ZDDCRQIM  5.2.1. Change Request Index Selection.         ----------------------
Command ===>  
S Current Run      Request       Target  Reference Admin.  Change              
  Status  Prty  Date and Time     Zone    Number   User    Provider            
  BUSY-OBT 5  04/02/20 16:46:11  TEST     SR       CYBUSER CYBER USER 

Available Select Codes:-

   A  APPEND    - Add new entities to this change request.                     
   B  BROWSE    - Browse change and entity details.                            
   C  COPY      - Generate a new request modeled on this request.              
   D  DELETE    - Delete this change request and associated entities.          
   E  RELEASE   - Release a held change for processing.                        
   H  HOLD      - Place change in HELD status to prevent processing.           
   K  ARCHIVE   - Transfer completed change to archive list.                   
   N  APPROVE   - Authorize and/or accept the change.                          
   R  RESTORE   - Generate a new request to restore this request.              
   T  CANCEL    - Cancel processing for this request.                          
   U  UPDATE    - Update change and/or entity details.                         
   V  REVIEW    - Review entity details for this request.                      
   Press END KEY to return to Change Index 

Data on ZDDCRQIM is not refreshed unless user returns to the index.

This Frequently Asked Question applies to all supported releases of ESP Alchemist.