Why Is It Recommended To Have the WCC Database Configured As Case-Sensitive?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What is the technical reasoning behind the recommendation in the WCC Implementation Guide to have the WCC database configured as Case-Sensitive?

The technical reason behind the recommendation for a case-sensitive schema is to keep the WCC database consistent with the WAAE side. The impact of having a case-insensitive WCC database would show up in the WCC job filtering. In WAAE, job names are case sensitive. For example, a job named "TEST_JOB1" and another named "test_job1" would be allowed and considered two different jobs. Once WCC collected those jobs, their info would be stored in the WCC Monitoring database. If you wanted to use a filter in WCC to see only "TEST_JOB1" and set your filter to "TEST_JOB1", you would see both jobs in the result set if the WCC database is not case-sensitive. There is a way to apply case-sensitivity at the query level. However, that is not how the WCC queries are written. The queries are written with the assumption that the database, as a whole, is case-sensitive.