Why is AMBLIST output required when sending a dump to Cybermation?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Any time that you are requested to send a dump, Cybermation will also need to receive output from an AMBLIST for the active load module name listed in the symptom dump. This is necessary since the application of PTFs can change the locations of code within a CSECT.

For example, if this was the system abend that is reported:

    08.27.48 STC26332  IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT
                       SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=0C4  REASON CODE=00000011
                        TIME=08.27.48  SEQ=12283  CPU=0000  ASID=0020
                        PSW AT TIME OF ERROR  078D2000   80039FDC  ILC 2  INTC    11
                          ACTIVE LOAD MODULE           ADDRESS=000256D8    OFFSET=00014904
                          DATA AT PSW  00039FD6 - 600448F0  60060F0E  4780C0B4
                          GR 0: 09E4E857   1: 00000008
                             2: 00031A30   3: 00000009
                             4: 00000000   5: 00000000
                             6: 00031A3C   7: 09E4E934
                             8: 09E4E548   9: 09E4E7B8
                             A: 0003B2DC   B: 0003AF32
                             C: 00039F32   D: 09E4ED40
                             E: 09E4FF45   F: 00000008
                        END OF SYMPTOM DUMP

Cybermation will also need the output from this corresponding job in order to read the dump.

//jobname JOB
//STEP1  EXEC  PGM=AMBLIST                                    
//SYSPRINT DD  SYSOUT=X                                       
//SYSLIB   DD  DISP=SHR,DSN=prefix.SSALLINK          
//SYSIN    DD  *                                              
  LISTLOAD MEMBER=ZDERMCTL                                      

This Frequently Asked Question applies to all supported releases of ESP Alchemist beginning with 5.1.