Why don't weekly fiscal periods appear in NBI_DIM_FISCAL_TIME table

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Why don't weekly fiscal periods appear in the Datamart NBI_DIM_FISCAL_TIME table?


The CA PPM application is behaving as designed. The Datamart Extraction job first populates the NBI_DIM_FISCAL_TIME table with "MONTHLY" periods from the BIZ_COM_PERIODS table. From this set of "MONTHLY" records, the "QUARTERLY" and the "YEARLY" Fiscal periods are calculated by the stored procedure and inserted into this table. Although the Administrator can create other types of Fiscal Periods, the Datamart Extraction stored procedure does NOT use any Fiscal Time Period records for the "13 Periods per Year", "Semi-Monthly", "Weekly", "Quarterly" or "Annually" periods.

The "13 Periods per Year", "Semi-Monthly", "Weekly", "Quarterly", and "Annually" Periods that are defined can be used in detailed financial plans. It is possible to define Weekly Fiscal Periods through the Entity for non-Datamart use.

More granular data for the Datamart, in the measurement of WEEKS or DAYS, is calculated and stored in the NBI_DIM_CALENDAR_TIME table. The days and weekly date range is determined using the ISO date format.

Additional Information:

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