Why does the startup of CAMASTER require an IPL?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Customers have asked why the startup of CAMASTER requires an IPL.  Requests have been made to allow CAMASTER to start independently as a stated task.  

Why does the startup of CAMASTER require an IPL?  



Just as IBM requires *MASTER* GRS, CONSOLE, ALLOCAS, etc for their Operating System infrastructure, CAMASTER is needed for the CA framework.  CA Common Services for z/OS provides components for other CA Solutions to function correctly.  Additionally, CA Master is required for the startup and operation of other CA Common Services for z/OS components.

An IPL is necessary because CA Master operates as a system address space; it cannot be started as a SUBSYS under IEFSSN.  CA MASTER is designed to provide services to all CA products including CA's Mainframe Security Products ACF2 and Top Secret.  Because these security products initialize at a point in the IPL timeline before IEFSNNxx is processed, it is not possible to establish the CA MASTER services using the subsystem.  Furthermore, there are many CA Products that can initialize as z/OS subsystems.  The functions supplied by CA MASTER must be in place before these CA products or components can be initialized successfully.

One design consideration for creating a permanent CA MASTER address space is the exploitation of program call (PC) routines.  This eliminates the necessity of a CA product to define user SVC numbers since there are a limited number of choices available to use as an SVC number.  Additionally, the use of a user SVC number typically requires installation specifications necessary to identify a specific SVC for a product either in the product's configuration options or in the IEASVCxx member of PARMLIB.  Exploitation of PC routines eliminates both the need for installation configuration tasks as well as the constraints presented by the limited SVC numbers.  

As PC routines are bound to active, non-swappable address spaces by architecture, the need for the permanent CA MASTER system address space is a requirement.  For this reason, once CA MASTER has successfully initialized, it enters a wait.  No other task mod code executes in the CA MASTER address space as the home ASID after the wait.  This avoids any scenario that might cause a failure.  At this point, the CA MASTER address space is more or less an anchor for other Common Services components or CA Solutions.

For successful CA MASTER initialization, the following Common Services libraries must be APF Authorized and Linklisted:

          APF                                             LINKLIST
    cai.CAW0LINK                               cai.CAW0LINK
    cai.CAW0PLD                                cai.CAW0PLD

**Please Note**
For Common Services for z/OS v14.0 and/or r14.1, if your operating system is at z/OS 1.12 or below, you are required to add cai.CAW0LPA to your sys.PARMLIB(LPALSTxx) member.  However, for z/OS 1.3 and above, this is no longer necessary but the APF and Linklist requirements listed above are still applicable.  

Additional Information:    

Common Services r14.1 PTFs RO83767 for CAIRIM and RO83798 for CA MASTER allow you to activate CA MASTER without an IPL when v14.1 is installed and initialized for the first time. Normal CA MASTER functionality is resumed at subsequent IPLs and Common Services startups.

See technical document TEC564200 for a complete list of the Common Services v14.0 and r14.1 datasets that need to be APF Authorized, Linklisted, and (possibly) be added to LPALSTxx.