Why does the SCM command show a message indicating RBNDRQRD Rebind Required ?

Document ID : KB000054166
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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SCM is reporting the following message.

datestamp timestamp RBNDRQRD Rebind Required Pln pppppppp Cn
SERVER P ssssssss Col xxxxxxxx Inv Selects n

When the message is selected, CA Insight Performance Monitor for DB2 is connected. However there is no indication why the message is issued or the exception or where to look for the actual cause.


The message originates from IFCID 224 which was introduced with DB2 5.0. It tracks the DB2 release with which each plan is bound and issues the RBNDRQRD message if that release is different that the current release. CA Insight Performance Monitor for DB2 is just passing along the info from DB2.

In terms of the application, it does not mean that existing applications will not run. It does mean that they will not take advantage of any improvements in the optimization code on the new release, and thus can't be guaranteed to be performing in the most optimal way. Ideally, the solution is to rebind all the plans when the DB2 release is upgraded.

In many cases, this is not a trivial task. As an interim solution until the plans can be rebound, these exceptions can be stopped, so as to minimize both seeing these messages and having the exception processor absorb so much CPU time in generating them. This can be achieved by commenting out the RBNDRQRD section of the APPLEXCP member in the CA Insight Performance Monitor for DB2 REQUESTS library.