Why does the Availability field not reflect the calendar set for the resource in PPM Clarity?

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Last Modified Date : 17/01/2019
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Why does the Resource Availability field not reflect the calendar set for the resource in PPM/Clarity?



Resource Availability is a percentage of the calendar hours. It is a rate. If you change the calendar hours the resource's availability will change.

Either the Availability field was edited which edits the resource calendar, or the resource calendar was edited which is reflected in the Availability field.

To fix this:

  • If you want the resources Availability to reflect the calendars shift then reset the resources calendar to the base calendar.
  • You can also manually type the availability in the availability field to correct the amount on the Resource's properties page. 
  • If you have a standard calendar of 8 hours, and a contractor calendar of 7.75 hours. If the resource is set to the standard then their availability is 8 hours. If you change to the contractor calendar the availability is 7.75 hours.
  • If you change back to the standard calendar and edited the resources availability to 7.75 hours. Now change back to the contractors calendar a calculation is done based off of the previous change.
  • 8 hours divided by 7.75 gives a .969 difference. When you change back to the contractor calendar the calculation is 7.75 times .969 the difference) which equals 7.51. 7.51 is what is now displayed in the availability field.
  • To correct this:
    • Change to the standard calendar.
    • Select your workdays and click on Reset to Base.
    • This will clear edits to the resources calendar.
    • Now when you change between the calendars, the availability will depend on the base calendar shift and not edits to availability which makes changes to the resources calendar.

NOTE: Making changes to the availability or calendars will impact the amount of processing time needed for Time Slicing job to catch up to these changes.

Additional Information:

Additional Information: 

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