Why does my processor not swap to the ALTID?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Why will processor exec not swap to the altid? 


It may be you have a DD in the processor referring to the internal reader. The DD does not have to be used the DD just must exist.

For example:


When the internal reader is in the processor the id is forced to the user's ID unless the ENCOPTBL INTRDR_ALTID=Y  is set.

The following is from https://docops.ca.com/ca-endevor-SCM/18/en/securing/data-set-security#DataSetSecurity-AlternateIDandProcessors

Security for internal reader jobs is affected by the Optional Features Table (ENCOPTBL) option INTRDR_ALTID and processor ALTID settings as shown in the following table.

Y or blank (default)OFF (default)Any processor step that includes an INTRDR DD card is run under the user ID. No swapping to the altid for data access occurs. The job that is submitted to the internal reader runs under the user ID.
NOFF (default)Processor step runs under the user ID, therefore internal reader job is submitted under user ID.
Y or blank (default)ONProcessor step runs under the altid, therefore internal reader job is submitted under altid.
NONProcessor step runs under the user ID, therefore internal reader job runs under the user ID. Note: ALTID=N overrides INTRDR_ALTID=ON.
Note: If the job is being submitted by a REXX exec, then the LGNT$$$I/O logic must be used in the REXX, regardless of whether the internal reader is allocated in the REXX itself or with an INTRDR DD statement in the processor.