Why does a CA Ideal's DISPLAY-INDEX-RELATED command fail with 'IDADSVCS01E - Insufficient level of authorization ' in batch while it works fine in CICS for same user?

Document ID : KB000054964
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The default authorization for the command DISPLAY-INDEX-RELATED has been changed from ADMIN to BYPASS which allows an Ideal user to run any 'DISPLAY INDEX entity-type RELATED TO entity-type entity-name VER nnn' command in IDEAL online. When this same Ideal user runs this command via the batch job IDBATCH, they receive the error message 'IDADSVCS01E - Insufficient level of authorization for the requested function'.


>> Due to the fact that the result of the DISPLAY-INDEX-RELATED command is being printed when executed in batch, authorization for command PRINT-INDEX-RELATED also needs to be changed to BYPASS as well.

  1. Change the CA Ideal options file table @IIDOPTS by adding:


  2. Assemble and link the IDEAL Options file table
    (refer to the CA Ideal Administration Guide )