Why do some users receive a "command not found" message when they issue the CA JCLCheck EDCHEK command !JCK?

Document ID : KB000054624
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The EDCHEK feature allows you to run CA JCLCheck as an edit macro under ISPF. This will enable you to analyse and report on the JCL in the file you are currently editing.

Edit macros are called within ISPF edit by entering either a percent sign (%) or an exclamation point (!) preceding the edit macro name.
To invoke EDCHEK, enter %EJCK, !EDCHEK, or !JCK (a shorthand form of CA JCLCheck) to invoke CA JCLCheck processing against the contents of your edit file.

It is possible that you may receive a "command not found" message when using the !EDCHEK or !JCK form.


The following checks should be carried out. One of these are likely to have caused the problem.

  1. Module CAZ1JCKM needs to be accessible to invoke !JCK or %EJCK. In ISPF, issue a "TSO ISRDDN" and then "LOAD CAZ1JCKM" to verify that the module is coming from the correct library.
  2. Compare the user's logon proc with a user who can invoke CA JCLCheck using a ! prefixed command to ensure the same level of CA JCLCheck is being invoked. Issue "TSO ISRDDN" and then "LOAD CAZ1RLSE" to view the Release and Service Pack Level.
  3. Check that the user's PC emulation software to invoke the TSO environment is not changing the ! character.
  4. Check that the ISPF command delimiter has not been changed to "!'. This can be found in the ISPF option 0 (ISPF settings) panel.