Why do I receive CA-7.306 - ** WARNING ** 80% TRAILER QUEUE UTILIZATION ** WARNING ** messages?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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If you receive CA-7.306 - ** WARNING ** 80% TRAILER QUEUE UTILIZATION ** WARNING ** it could be that retained JCL is causing the space usage.


On the DB.1 (CA 7 CPU JOB DEFINITION) screen, the RETAIN-JCL field can be set to Y so that the last successful run of a job's JCL is kept in the trailer queue. You can access this JCL with the FEP function on the QM.5 (QJCL) screen. To see if you have any jobs holding tracks in the trailer queue for retained JCL, you can enter the CA 7 top line command:


This will bring back a list of jobs whose last-run JCL is currently held in the trailer queue. If you use UPDATE=YES on the PRRNJCL command, all retained JCL will be deleted freeing the tracks from the trailer queue. You can also delete the retained JCL by specific job, date range, or age with the PRRNDEL command. On the DB.1 screen the DELPRRN function can also be used to delete the Prior Run JCL for a specific job. For information on how to increase the size of the trailer queue, please see technical document TEC428313.

Additional Information:

Please see the CA 7 Messages Guide for more information on the CA-7.306 message and the CA 7 Commands Guide for the PRRNJCL and PRRNDEL commands. The CA 7 CPU JOB DEFINITION (DB.1) screen and the DELPRRN function is documented in the CA 7 Database Maintenance Guide.

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA 7 if you have further questions.